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Dietitian, Melbourne, Vic, 2012

The resources were comprehensive and so easy to use. I really believe that even if nutrition wasn’t your area of expertise you could still pick up some of these teaching resources and successfully deliver the content in a group or one on one learning environment. The interactive formats really help to get your audience, whoever they are, interested and engaged!

Parent, Nambour, QLD, 2010

I wanted to find a program that would help my 13 year old daughter increase her self-esteem and confidence and also help the whole family understand more about how to live a healthy lifestyle. We had tried other programs, but the information in these programs was targeted at parents only and I felt it would be helpful for Rachel to hear the information from someone other than myself – and it was. Rachel benefitted greatly from learning about nutrition from the 7-13 leaders and having the knowledge to make informed food and activity choices for herself. I was also happy to find a program that placed the emphasis on education and not weight loss.

The program was a big commitment for us as we had a half hour drive to get there after school, but it was worth it to help Rachel and the rest of the family. The thing that kept us coming back was the support we received from the delivery team and the group members. Rachel was a little bit older than the other group members and the 7-13 leaders from Queensland Health were sensitive and attentive to her situation at all times. When we were tired and grumpy and didn’t feel like attending, the other group members would help to include us in discussions and encourage us to continue. The support of the group was definitely a highlight and something that I would recommend to other families.

Since we have finished the program, I have noticed the whole family making better food choices and we now understand that it is important to “move more” whenever we can. I was very impressed with the 7-13 Program and am grateful for the way in which it has assisted my whole family to live healthier lives.