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About the Better Health Company

The Better Health Company provides high quality, evidence based health promotion services, training and resources for health professionals and local community members. Better Health Company are specialists in the health industry and have a unique understanding of the health resources requirements of health/education/leisure professionals and of family and community members. Our evidence based approach ensures that all of our resources, training and services are supported by the most current and relevant academic research, local guidelines and national policies.


Our team of nutrition, psychology and activity professionals are experts in their fields. Working in corporate, community and family based health settings, delivering healthy lifestyle education and interventions for children and adults, we became acutely aware of the lack of high quality, evidence based health promotion resources available for health, education and community professionals to utilise in clinical and community settings. Families and individuals need practical, helpful resources to support new behaviours and encourage better health; Better Health Company aims to bridge the gap between research, development and distribution in order to provide unique, interactive and informative health promotion resources for all.

Better Health Company aims to promote better health and well-being across our population. We are continually adding to our growing list of health promotion resources and aim to provide resources for all community and cultural groups. Our evidence based approach underpins all our work and extends across all of our resources, training and services.



Better Health Company provides online professional development training courses online. Accredited with relevant industry associations, our training programs enable access informative, interactive training courses. You can read more about the training programs we offer by clicking on this link - http://betterhealthcompany.org/training


Better Health Company provides fully developed, unique resources designed by health professionals to be specifically used as teaching tools by health professionals and as reinforcement resources by individuals. Resources for families support key healthy behaviours at home by providing clear information in a practical, easy to use format. You can read more about the resources we currently have available, by clicking on this link - http://betterhealthcompany.org/resources


Better Health Company employs highly qualified health professionals to develop our range of resources and training. If you or your organisation has specific resource or training requirements not currently listed amongst our products, please contact us at shop@betterhealthcompany.org to discuss customized development to suit your needs.